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  Eastern AX-4106 Speaker - Review
by: Larry Mingus Published: July 2, 1998

I paid $95.00 for this model at the last computer show here in Florida and was very satisfied with the the price. Now, I found out that the price has dropped to $65.00 that makes this model a super deal.

Update: February 25, 1999, pricing at the last two computer shows is between $39 to $50. An excellent bargin.

All I needed to do was play some QuakeII, Forsaken, and Unreal to make my decision. I was amazed at how well these speakers performed compared to anything I have heard at this price level.

Radio Shack offers the same speakers, both the satelites and subwoofer, at a much higher price. The last time I checked the satilites alone were selling for $79 (US).

While not able to produce the power levels of my homebrew sound system it's a close second.

Eastern Acoustic Corp.


ax4106.gif (8996 bytes)


RMS 25 watts

Satellite Speakers

Input Sensitivity: 230mV
F.R: 130Hz-20,000Hz
Woofer: 3 1/2 Inch
Tweeter: 2 1/4 Inch
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Dimensions: W108xH224xD156mm


Input Sensitivity: 200mV
F.R: 50Hz-350Hz
Power Requirements: AC 120V/60Hz
Speaker: 4 Inch
Dimensions: W160xH271xD235mm

Pros: Very cheap, Excellent shielding, Very good sound.

Cons: Volume and bass controls on the bass box. The new multimedia keyboards available solve this problem by giving you volume and mute buttons built into the keyboard.

Eastern Acoustic Corp.

Purchase at: Ram Warhouse

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