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  ATI All-In-Wonder Pro - Review
by: Larry Mingus Published: July 15, 1998

True color 1600X1200 @ 75hz... plus incredible TV output

ATIaiwpro_box.jpg (20551 bytes)

You may have read that this card is poor choice for 3D games, don't let that be your only deciding factor. This card has plenty to offer, especially if you need to run true color at high resolutions. Run it with a Voodoo2! If you are in college, you save space and money by using the computer as a TV

I am temporarily stalled on this review, working on the site. To all that are interested in the card. I have been using it now for about a month and I love it. I don't use it for games so I can't help you there I use a CL V2 12MB for games, but if you ever toyed with the idea of being able to watch TV while working this is the card. I have the TV running in a little 2" window all the time and it is totally cool. I work on all my web design and photo editing while watching CNN, Charley Rose, Tom Snyder, etc. No problems at all with Win98 and the software that I am using. Another note, I run 1600x1200 on an HITACHI 751 and it looks very good.

Note:I received a rebate for up to $98 on Windows 98 when I purchased the card, check the ATI site I am not sure when it ends but I believe August 30.

Update 01-25-99: The price on this card has fallen to almost half of what I initially paid, I have seen it as low as $139.00 (US). The new pricing makes this a real sweet deal. Personally I would buy an AGP version of this card, then find a deal on a 12MB Voodoo2 (if you are a gamer). You end up with a very nice setup. In my opinion better than a RIVA TNT, I have one system with a TNT and find that there are still quite a few games that do not support it, or the driver support is lacking. I haven't run into this problem with the 3Dfx Voodoo.

I can't promise when I will have the final review finished, hopefully soon. Untill then take a peek at these shots of 1600x1200 showing various TV window sizes. These were taken with the sweet Kodak DVC-323 USB camera.

Click on images for large view

ATIDemoTV2.jpg (38780 bytes)   ATIDemoTV4.jpg (33963 bytes)

ATIDemoTV5.jpg (31100 bytes)   ATIDemoTV6.jpg (30370 bytes)

ATIDemoTv7.jpg (28825 bytes)   ATIFoxNews.jpg (18718 bytes)

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