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  FreeSpace 2 - Review

Final Analysis

82% - Bring on the Sequels!

In the end, Volition scored an overwhelming victory with Freespace 2. It feels like the complete package once you see the game in action. Nothing missing, nothing to destroy your immersion. I felt like I could relate to the pilots - lives were being factored in versus the good of the fleet, and your commanders always makes the right choice, not the emotional one.

Most importantly, the freedom Volition had by using its own story - its own universe - and not a license, proves to be linchpin of the game's success. Because your pilot is not the focus of the game, you feel that much more a part of the big picture - a galactic battle with no draw, no prisoners, and one winner. Even Wing Commander: Prophecy cowers in its narrative wake.

More importantly though, the entire game leaves a wake in your mind that cannot be ignored.

You may be wondering why Freespace 2 didn't score in the nineties? Well, we have just revamped our rating system in an effort to bring you more accurate review ratings. Read this page to get a better understanding of our new rating system. For those of you that are link impaired (:P) anything over 80% is an incredible game by our new standards.

Freespace 2

Volition, Inc.:

Download the demo:

MSRP: $59.95 US, $69.95 CDN

Reader comments

Table background graphic - Freespace2 concept art "Shivan Bomber", Copyright © 1999 Volition, Inc. All Rights Reserved, used with permission.

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