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  FreeSpace 2 - Review

Freespace 2 lead graphic

"Beautiful, Deep, and Fun - What more can you ask for?"

Descent:Freespace was as close to a complete success as Interplay could ever hope for. Despite the overwhelming odds of going against the Star Wars license and incredibly robust design of the X-Wing series, the designers at Volition came up with a winner. By pushing graphics to a level above their competition (at a higher cost in system requirements), Descent: Freespace gained a dedicated fan base.

With Freespace 2, Volition has finally shed the "Descent" moniker that they needed to propel the first game to success. The result? A game that uses every shred of your system to make the finest space flight game ever made.

But how does it compare to X-Wing Alliance? Read and find out.

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Freespace 2 Box

Freespace 2

Volition, Inc.


Review by:
Richard "KZ" Knight

January 31, 1999

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