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  Allegiance - Preview

"The competition is heating up in online multiplayer gaming"

The evolution of multiplayer gaming is headed in a very obvious direction: team-based play. Sure, there will always be a place for free-for-all death matching and such, but titles like Team Fortress Classic and Unreal Tournament are proving that working with others can be just as much, if not MORE fun. The rapid growth of high-speed Internet access is only going to open those doors wider, as gamers will be able to experience contests involving large numbers of players without dragging their modems into lag-hell.

I'm sure that all of this was taken into consideration by Microsoft when they gave the green light to begin development on Allegiance, their latest venture in the online gaming front. The title will mark the first release from their new in-house development team, Microsoft Research Games, and is due to hit the shelves this spring. Allegiance is currently in an open-beta status, and can be downloaded at the Official Allegiance Homepage. The download is unfortunately a hefty 55MB. There's also a lengthy auto-update that must be performed in order to play on The Zone, the only place you can play online right now. Then there's the 20MB download to get the latest training files, which are critical for new players. Yikes! Well, it is FREE after all.

So I'm sure you are thinking to yourself: "That's a lot of downloading RJ. Just what kind of game is this, anyway?". Well here's the best short-version answer I can come up with:

Freespace meets Tribes meets Homeworld. Not enough? OK then, allow me to illustrate.

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Table of Contents:
Introduction | Overview | The Hardware | Graphics/Sound | Final Analysis

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Microsoft Research Games


Review by:
Rob "RJCombo" Garrett

February 22, 1999

Spring 2000

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