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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Seven - Mission 4
Death Star Tunnel Run
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide
Score: 250 Bonus: 1000
You have finally managed to make it inside the new Death Star.  Now, you need to find a way to destroy it.



This is it, and boy is it tough.  Crank your speed down to 2/3rds and work your way through the obstacles.  Remember that 99% of the Falcon is to the left of the cockpit, so you can afford to get really close to the right side of walls.  "You can also destroy many of the pipe and tank obstacles in your path with concentrated laser or warhead fire.  Be careful though, as the explosions tend to damage ships in close proximity."

Keep defend-mode firing engaged in case the TIE Fighters get too close.  If you are lucky, Gold group will deal with them first.

Fairly soon into the run, Lando (although you wouldn't know it from the horrible voice) will exclaim about a passage being blocked.  He is talking about the straight-ahead passage, so you need to take a left. 

It is kind of hard to tell which passages are blocked in the Death Star since there are pipes everywhere! Remember that you never need to make an abrupt turn, so whenever you see a 90 degree pitch on the floor, its just for graphics sake.

When Admiral Ackbar starts complaining about losing ships to the superlaser, it means you are close to the twin passage.  Providing you are still facing the fight way, left will lead to the superlaser, and right will lead to the core (the right passage is sparse for a few seconds and then has a tight fit pipeline).

If you decide to take on the superlaser, the pathway is pretty easy - just a mile long stretch of pipes around you, along with some tricky corners.  Keep the closest enemy target in your CMD - its usually the object controlling the superlaser lens. 

Try to fire at it as soon as you get an open line of sight, and then hit 1/3rd throttle and head back for the way you came in.  Even with the lens destroyed, the superlaser still fires right down the middle of the shaft, which means instant destruction if you are in there.

In the container shaft, try hard to not hit the containers.  When you enter the tunnel, you will hit 933 MGLT, so going in slowly is not a choice.

Its pretty easy to know when you are getting close to the power generator - you will fly through the cross-shaped opening that any SW fan could recognize.

Knock the speed down to 1/3rd when you are in the chamber, target the generator, and aim for the tip between the two halves where the energy field is.  Wait for Wedge's torpedoes to hit their target, and then fire two volleys at your target.  Immediately turn right around and head back the way you came, because the core tends to explode quickly.

Exiting the Death Star is much easier - keep straight.  If you look carefully, you will notice that a passage to the right or left is blocked - this is the way you came in. Its a handy push in the right direction, namely through the blocked passage you saw in the beginning. 

Keep avoiding the interior and it is smooth sailing.  If you hit too many things on the way out, or keep your speed at less than 80, you will begin to hear a rumbling - its the rapidly exploding death star, and no amount of shields will save your hide.

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Playable Craft Stats:

Millennium Falcon

  Proton Torpedoes

No Countermeasures

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Assault Transport

No Reinforcements

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