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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Seven - Mission 1
Battle of Endor
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide
Score: 2445 Bonus: 0
Nearly the entire Rebel fleet is ready for the assault on the new Death Star near Endor. Your job is to repulse the first wave of fighters.



The Battle of Endor is still an epic, and it will beat lower spec machines into the ground, but that doesn't mean it is difficult.

As soon as General Calrissian commands all craft to turn around, the Super Star Destroyer Vengeance and about 30-40 TIE Starfighters (T/F and T/A) will jump in.   Move shield regeneration to advanced, and use auto-fire mode to chase down the ships.  You have 10 minutes to take down the 100% needed, which equates to about 100 ships. 

I should note that none of the ships really jump in; they just appear.   Considering the rebel fleet is approximately 30 ships, the Millennium Falcon is pushing more than the recommended polygon count, and that there is a Super Star Destroyer in the area (not even mentioning the rather large space map), you get a number pretty close to the maximum allowable for the Alliance engine.

Tour of Duty Seven:
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Table of Contents:
Systems Help | Prologue
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Playable Craft Stats:

Millennium Falcon

  Concussion Missiles

No Countermeasures

 Mission Stats

Red Group [4]

Gold Group [4]

Green Group [4]

Grey Group[4]

CRS Independence

CRS Defiance

CRS Liberty

CRS Maria

GSP Chandi

B/CRS Urjani

FRS Valiance

FRS Redemption

M/CRV Masanya

CRV Pushti

CRV Saki


MTRNS Timnate

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives


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