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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Six - Mission 6
Escort Rebel Fleet
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide
Score: 4001 Bonus: 1400
The Rebel Fleet is massing near Sullust in preparation for the jump to Endor, but they need your help to stop Starfighter opposition as the fleet makes risky jumps.



The final rebel mission of the sixth campaign is a doozy.  You will constantly be engaging Starfighters and Starships over several sectors.

There are two distinct approaches to this mission - fight the bombers or bomb the cruisers.  I tend to prefer the latter (capital ships go down easy with enough experience) but if you have trouble, stick to the bombers.  Keep in mind with the first sector that the ships will be flying directly into the engine wash of a calamari cruiser, so you may need to break off early.

The second half is made easier by the squad of B-Wings launched by the Independence, and the fact that you can board it for reloads!  This makes taking down the Star Destroyers that much easier.

Tour of Duty Six:
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Playable Craft Stats:

A/W or X/W

Missiles or Torpedoes


 Mission Stats

SHU Tydirium

B/W Green (4)

CRS Liberty

CRS Independence

CRS Defiance


CRV Masanya

FRG Valiance

GSP Chandi

CRV Saki

FRG Redemption

B/CRS Urjani

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

(100) Destroy CRKC Nexus

(100) Destroy CRKC Xerxes

(200) Destroy VSD Vagrant

(250) Destroy VSDII Protector

(500) Destroy ISDII Immortal


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