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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Six - Mission 5
Steal Imperial Shuttle
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide
Score: 3018 Bonus: 100
The Rebel Alliance needs you to transport a team of commandos to an imperial station so they can hijack the Shuttle Tydirium, which contains the access codes needed to visit Endor.



Another tricky mission.  It seems to be easy for the first half, but quickly becomes difficult near the end.

To get through the first sector, make heavy use of the map screen.  You should initially dump lasers and head towards the System Patrol craft, and then head left (the left side of the planet image or better) in order to cut past the SPC and ahead of the T/Fs.  Once you clear both, keep pointed at the nav buoy and ignore the ISD which enters near it.  If you are feeling 3D inclined, you can instead bank downwards to keep a 1 click distance between yourself and the imperial fighters - the AI keeps the patrolling ships from straying on the Y-axis (thanks John Krische)

In the base area, turn left quickly, and head straight ahead towards the left tip of the base (according to the map). Time your way past the TIE squadrons and enter the landing ports before you use automatic docking (the glitchy docking procedure usually slams you into a ship or two).

One of the most overlooked points is that you need to stay in dock.  After inspecting the Tydirium and letting the commandos go, you need to wait for two separate messages and the "docking completed" message.  When that happens, call for reinforcements, and head out the way you came, with defend-mode engaged.  You can also wait at the exit ports and pick off enemy starfighters until the Tydirium leaves.

The hardest part of the mission for most people is the large TIE squadron.  (Note: If you seem to get shot up the tailpipe a dozen times a second, try changing your difficulty level to medium or hard.  Many players have found the difficulty actually decrease on these settings for this mission).

Dogfight for a little while if possible, but you need to keep your distance from the station while the Tydirium leaves.  Make sure to keep it in a preset - when the TIE bomber groups take off, its a key sign that the Tydirium has been spotted.

When the Tydirium jumps to hyperspace, make sure you do too.

Alternate Strategy Update 04/28: Thanks to Lynx

Enter the station through one of the entrance tubes; there's one directly your way from the entrance point.  Do NOT dock. Instead, identify the Tydirium.  (hit O repeatedly while you're amidst the shuttles until the Tydirium comes up). Head for it, nose over it until your nose is just about up against the far wall of the station interior.  Then hit shift-P to pick it up.

If you didn't go far enough, the Sabra will angle up and start scraping against the inside of the station.  Hit shift-P again to cancel, then try maneuvering farther in against the wall behind the shuttle.  When you get it right, the Sabra will nose up, then dip a bit and start turning around.

When you have the Tydirium secured (ignore the station chatter, it's all scripted) then turn around, and head for the exit toward the nav point at 1/3rd speed.  Drop shields and lasers to nothing and burn toward the hyperspace point.  At about 2 km from the station, TIE bombers will appear.  They're no threat.  However, you do have to keep from being IDed so make sure to time your getaway for when the TIE fighters are away from your entrance path.

When you get there and it's saying 'hit space to hyperspace', then hit shift-R to release the Tydirium.  It'll take off to hyperspace. Now the only objective line will be to board the station.  But don't turn around yet-- those TIE bombers are still on you.  Lead them about 20km from the station first, then nose up and go over them to get back to the station.  By the time you re-enter the station, they should be 9km away, if you went back at full burn.  NOW dock with the station.  This will be a few minutes of just sitting.  The TIE bombers will get close but they won't do any damage while you're sitting pretty inside the station (also, the station is invincible).

When you finish, all the TIE fighters and interceptors will be primed to attack.  Turn around and head for the exit, and burn rubber out (0% shields/lasers).

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Playable Craft Stats:




 Mission Stats

SHU Tydirium

X/W Rogue Group (4)

Bonus Objectives

(500) X-Wing Rogue Squadron arrives


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