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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Six:
The Darkest Hour
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide

The Rebel Alliance must determine the cause of recent mercenary attacks as the fleet gathers in Sullust before jumping to Endor.   Your family must discover the leak in security before it is too late.

Mission 1 Medium (6)

Meet with Bothan Delegation

Mission 2 Easy (3)

Locate Mercenary Base

Mission 3 Hard (9)

Raid Mercenary Base

Mission 4 Medium (5)

Rescue Bothan Spies

Mission 5 Hard (8)

Steal Imperial Shuttle

Mission 6 Medium (7) Escort Rebel Fleet
Mission 7 Easy (2) Family Reunion

Comments: Tour of Duty Six is fast paced, and deals with some of the nagging issues raised in previous campaigns, but it really is just a buildup for the seventh campaign.  Some players may be turned off by the sometimes excessive difficulty of a few of the missions.

Tour of Duty Six:
Mission 1 | Mission 2 | Mission 3 | Mission 4 | Mission 5 | Mission 6 | Mission 7

Table of Contents:
Systems Help | Prologue
Tour 1 | Tour 2 | Tour 3 | Tour 4 | Tour 5 | Tour 6 | Tour 7

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Playable Craft Stats:

Mission 1:

Mission 2:
YT-2000 Otana

Mission 3:

Mission 4:

Mission 5:
YT-1300 Sabra

Mission 6:
A/W or X/W Gold

Mission 7:
YT-2000 Otana


As you leave to visit Uncle Antan in Mission 7, the Shuttle Tydirium leaves the Independence on a course for Endor.

"Also, readers of Timothy Zahn's novels will recognize the infamous smuggler vessel, the Wild Kardde, on route to the Shuttle Tydirium."

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