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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Five - Mission 2
Attack Imperial Convoy
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide
Score: 721 Bonus: 125
What starts out as a raid on imperial cargo quickly turns into a two-on-one battle between traitor mercenaries and imperial Starfighters.   You need to get the cargo away safely while stopping any civilians from dying in the crossfire.



Choose your initial inspection target carefully. The mercenaries won't become targets until shortly after you inspect the first target.  Picking the closest one in your CMD will keep them farther away from destroying parts of the convoy, while picking a ship in the middle will give you the opportunity to inspect ships before they can try and escape.

As soon as they become targets, select the closest target and attack as fast as possible.  Ion Cannons may very well speed up the process, but be warned that you can and will lose the mission any time a civilian freighter is lost - even after you successfully complete all mission objectives.  This doesn't leave you much leeway to destroy disabled fighters after the mission.

Things may get a bit hairy later on in the mission, when some Skipray Blastboats enter.   Try to concentrate on the local fighters before engaging the boats.  The same goes for the Imperial fighters - with any luck you should be jumping to hyperspace before they near the convoy.

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Playable Craft Stats:




 Mission Stats

Y-WING Green (3)

MOB Raider (4)

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

(25) Inspect FRT Toburik Haulers [2x]

(25) Inspect CTRNS Toburik Haulers

(25) Inspect Xiy/T Toburik Haulers [2x]


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