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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Four - Mission 4
Capture the Freighter Suprosa
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide
Score: 810 Bonus: 1250
Commander Skywalker needs a squadron of Y-Wings and Dash Rendar's Outrider to capture the freighter Suprosa and its computer core.



Head for the Suprosa after it jumps from hyperspace.  Keep lasers and shields at normal levels until you are within firing range.  The Outrider should take care of the first few homing mines, but the Suprosa itself is a much tougher foe.  Order all craft to engage, and then use linked-ion cannons. 

As soon as the ship is disabled return to normal systems balance and follow the X-Wing.   The journey to Kothliss is not as planned...

Immediately engage the Assault gunboats, making heavy use of ([) and (enter) in order to keep pace with the gunboats.  When the Interdictor Claw arrives, drop systems back to normal and head straight for it, making sure all your wingmen do the same.

The Claw does not have shield generators, so you will need to use your quad-fire mode with advanced laser regeneration to take it down.  Don't worry about Skywalker or the Outrider, programming prevents them from taking the fall when they are on their own.

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Playable Craft Stats:




 Mission Status

YT-2400 Outrider

X-WING Rogue

Y-WING x11

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

(250) Destroy 100% of T/B Deta group [2x]

(250) Destroy 100% of GUN Tau group

(500) Destroy
VSD Hunter

(250) Destroy
INT Claw


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