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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Four - Mission 3
Mining Colony Under Siege: Rescue Aeron
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide
Score: 2995 Bonus: 1000
The SSD Executor and a fleet of Star Destroyers are attacking the mining colony you delivered supplies to.  You need to run a gauntlet of fighters and capital ships in order to rescue Aeron.



The rather crowded battlefield should be enough to give you doubts about completing the mission the first time.  It is absolutely vital to get to the platform before the Capital ships get within firing range, or you will be unable to save Aeron.

Your first move, however, should be to take on TIE Bomber group Zeta.  They will launch from one of the ISDs after you get within range, and will try to gun you down with concussion missiles.  When you have received two bonuses (two ISDs have Zeta groups), dump lasers to engines and head for the Mining Colony.

T/F Alpha Group should still be on your ass, but defend mode while flying straight will pick them off pretty quickly. Hit the auto-dock command (shift + d) as soon as you reach 1km, crank shields to maximum recharge, dump lasers to shields, and use (g) to enter the top gunner position.  You can't fire until you dock, but you can't speed up the process by getting closer to the station either.  If Alpha group has caught up again, disengage the docking procedure, deal with the TIEs, and try again.

While the docking procedure is underway, keep hitting (r) to target the nearest enemy and fire away.  If your gunnery skills are as glitchy as mine, you will see more success by holding down the fire button, and merely waving it around if multiple fighters are attacking.

As soon as Aeron is onboard, hit backspace for maximum throttle, dump lasers to engines, keep shields steady, return to the cockpit, and head for the Super Star Destroyer.  When you are flying over it, dump shields to engines, engage defend mode, and head for the nav buoy.  At the raw speed you have, you will be able to outrun missiles as well as the fighters.

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Playable Craft Stats:




 Mission Status


FRG x2

X-WING x24

M/TRN x3


CRV x3

B/CRS x1

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

(250) Destroy 100% of T/B Zeta group [2x]

(250) Destroy 100% of T/F Alpha group [2x]


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