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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

 Tour of Duty Three - Mission 2
Supply Rebels with Warheads
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide
Score: 2354 Bonus: 1000
Aeron needs your help to raid a Viraxo storage area for warheads badly needed by the Rebel Alliance.  You need to inspect the containers for the cargo and provide freighter cover.



This is actually a reconstruction of the mission found in the X-Wing Alliance Demo, but without the very difficult imperial encounter at the end. (yay!)

Most of your time spent on the mission will be dog fighting, so get off to a good start and head for the Viraxo fighters.  When all of the waves have been defeated, move on to the static defenses.

Depending on how much time has passed, a Bulk Cruiser and several squadrons of Black Sun fighters should arrive (if they haven't, inspect a few - but not all - containers).   Once again, destroy the squadrons, and try to get some shots in on the cruiser - its worth more to inspect than it is to destroy, but doing both is the best solution.

When you receive the bonus for defeating the fighters, inspect the rest of the containers so the freighters will jump in.  While they conduct business, start attacking the rather defenseless platform.  From there it is just a matter of finishing the mission - easy!

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Playable Craft Stats:

YT-1300 Sabra

Concussion Missiles


 Mission Status


No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

(500) Destroy 100% of Black Sun Fighters.

(125) Destroy PLT/3

(250) Inspect B/CRS XTS-673

(125) Destroy B/CRS XTS-673


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