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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

 Tour of Duty Three - Mission 1
Liberate Slave Convoy
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide

Score: 4573

Bonus: 1000

Shuttles are leaving from the ISDII Goliath to deliver rebel slaves and equipment to the planets surface.  You need to disable the shuttles and rescue the slaves.



Preset the first shuttle you find slaves on, as it will save you time while cycling through the craft in the area.  To speed up the disabling process, fire a single proton torpedo followed by ion cannon fire - the first should knock out the shields, and the second will disable them.

If you can't keep up with the shuttles, concentrate on inspecting and disabling the ones carrying slaves - there is no point deduction for letting some of the shuttles with parts reach the planet.

When you have found & disabled all of the mission critical shuttles, switch your attention to the ISDII.  It goes down pretty easy if you gun for the shield generators followed by a volley of ion cannon fire.

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Playable Craft Stats:


Proton Torpedoes


 Mission Status

X/W Gold (3)

Y/W Red (3)

ATR Tango (4)


Bonus Objectives

(250) Destroy 100% of Convoy Craft

Destroy ISDII Goliath

(250) Destroy G/1 Golan 1


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