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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Two - Mission 5
Defend CRS Liberty
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide
Score: 659 Bonus: 900
Another fleet of prototype Starfighters has determined the location of the Liberty and is launching a full scale attack.  You must help stop the engaging Starfighters before the cruiser is destroyed.



The battle is already underway when you leave the hangar, so head for ETR Suluk group.   Depending on how fast you are at dog fighting, it may be easier to attack the ships, and then the ETRs, though.

Try to assign the kamikaze fighters to your wingmen while you deal with ETR Suluk.   If too many of them hit, the Liberty will be unable to jump to hyperspace.

When the ETRs and their fighters are destroyed, another group will appear on the other side of the Liberty.  Repeat the process, and again for the other fleet.

Tour of Duty Two:
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Playable Craft Stats:




 Mission Status

CRS Liberty

ATR Storm

X/W Red (8)

 A/W Blue (4)

B/W Green (6)

Bonus Objectives

(400) All destroyed

(50) Inspect ETR Suluk [10x]


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