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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty Two:
Secret Weapons of the Empire
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide

The Alliance stumbles upon a massive Imperial research organization which is developing new and dangerous TIE Starfighters.  You must stop the ships before it is too late.

Mission 1 Medium (7)

Flight Staff Transfer

Mission 2 Medium (6)

Ensnare Imperial Prototypes

Mission 3 Easy (2)

Kill K'Armyn Viraxo

Mission 4 Medium (7)

Raid Production Facility

Mission 5 Medium (5)

Defend CRS Liberty

Mission 6 Medium (5) Destroy Imperial Research Facility

Comments: Tour of Duty 2 is pretty exciting.  Although mission difficulty wavers wildly again, just fighting the weird new TIE designs is neat.  I was a bit confused as to why there were not more designs, though - at around the same time in TIE Fighter, the Defender was in pre-production.  Seeing some of the fighters made prominent in past games would have been interesting.

Tour of Duty Two:
Mission 1 | Mission 2 | Mission 3 | Mission 4 | Mission 5 | Mission 6

Table of Contents:
Systems Help | Prologue
Tour 1 | Tour 2 | Tour 3 | Tour 4 | Tour 5 | Tour 6 | Tour 7

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Playable Craft Stats:

Mission 1:

Mission 2
Z-95 Bandit

Mission 3:
YT-2000 Otana

Mission 4:

Mission 5:

Mission 6:
B-WING Green


This campaign actually ends up aiding the rogue Admiral Zaarin from TIE Fighter.

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