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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty One - Training 1
Deep Space Strike Evaluation
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide

Score: 1491

Bonus: 305

You have decided to join the Rebel alliance, but they need to test your piloting skills.


You can get an easily higher score than I did by destroying each container in the first area individually, but it is much more quicker to attack the platform. One set of dual warheads will cause the inner containers to explode - you end up with an 80% shield damage hit.

Two more pairs is enough to down the platform which will then destroy all containers.   Head for the Blastboats right after the containers are finished - 50 points for the kill, 25 for most of the damage, or 5 points for a few shots.

For the second area, set the Repair Yard and Carrack Cruiser to presets, and then dump lasers to engines. Inspect both craft, and right after inspecting the cruiser, fire consecutive pairs of dual warheads. It may take a second pass, but the cruiser will go down easily.

If you head straight for the buoy to reload, you should be able to avoid the gunboats.   Destroying the gunboats may net you a few more points, but it isnt really worth it. An ISDII quickly joins the fight and you are so outnumbered that your leader jumps out of the fight. If you do feel like taking on the Repair Yard though, you can grab about 3000 points, providing you survive.

For the third and final section, concentrate on the closest cargo containers.   Dealing with the L/FRGs and Omicron group will get you closer to the medallion, but it is much easier to ignore them. Despite your flight leader's assurance, he can do little to stop the Assault Transports from wearing you down.

Keep lasers shunted to engines, and do a bombing run on one of the container transports or better yet, the XY/I ships. I recommend running back to the Defiance when you run out of torpedoes as Omicron group will be hot on your tail. It may be possible to destroy the entire fleet but I have yet to succeed.

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Playable Craft Stats:


Proton Torpedoes


 Mission Status

Y/W Gold Leader

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

(50) Inspect D/P Tibanna

(50) Destroy Skipray Blastboats [2x]

(100) Inspect CRKC Sodrab

(100) Inspect RY/I Damorian

(0) Inspect L/FRG Threat

(0) Inspect L/FRG Peril

(0) Destroy all of A/S Omicron

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