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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty One - Mission 3
Reconnaissance of Imperial Task Force
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide

Score: 1337

Bonus: 0

You need to determine the Imperial Forces patrolling around Hoth and stop their probe droids from detecting the Rebel fleet.


This mission is quite tricky.  When you finally reach the Imperial Task Force, use "o" to select the nearest mission craft and head towards it for inspection.  You can dump lasers to engines if you want to speed things up, but I prefer to fight the first squad of incoming TIE Interceptors so as to keep their numbers low.

When 100% of the ships have been inspected, the ISDII will begin to fire probe droid capsules.  Use single-fire concussion missiles to take out each one.  The second and third flight groups will arise from different ships - use "o" again to target them immediately.  Dump lasers to engines in order to keep out of TIE Interceptor firing range.

Finally, if you feel tough, you can take on the Imperial cruisers.  Every craft except for Admiral Holtz's ISDII will result in a bonus, but you will only have time to take out one or two ships, providing the TIE Interceptors don't destroy your ship.  I recommend going for the Bulk Cruisers - their undersides are relatively unprotected.

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Playable Craft Stats:


Concussion Missiles


 Mission Status

A/W Blue

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

(1000) Destroy B/CRS

(500) Destroy CRV Badlands

(1000) Destroy DREAD Vigilance


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