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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Tour of Duty One - Mission 2
Rescue Uncle Antan
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide

Score: 3489

Bonus: 4675

Emon has discovered where Uncle Antan is being held.  He needs you help to rescue him from the Viraxo.


I love these kinds of missions. Ignore the two ships that arrive from hyperspace, and fire at everything else. Concentrate on the cargo ships, making sure to inspect everything. Also, use defend mode often to keep the fighters off your tail.

Keep an eye on the message list for the SHU. It will jump out quickly and attempt to run, so you will need to make it your top priority.

Once you have picked up Antan, the PLT/5 wont fight back, so it is a very easy target. The timing for picking him up can be tricky, though.  You need to find enough time to defend from the platform fighters and the imperial ships.  If you can't make the pickup before the VSD gets in firing range, however, you will need to destroy it.   Its lasers will easily demolish a stationary ship.

Make sure that Emon jumps to hyperspace if you want to take on the VSD, however. Use auto aim to damage shields, and Ion cannons to turn it into a sitting duck. Alternately you could try auto-pilot and use the turret yourself, but you won't deal as much damage.

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Playable Craft Stats:

YT-2000 Otana



 Mission Status

FRS Andrasta

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

Destroy PLT/5
Viraxo Industries

Inspect SHU V-Tech

Destroy SHU V-Tech

Inspect 100% of CN/L Viraxo Designs [2x]

Destroy 100% of CN/L Viraxo Designs [2x]

Inspect 100% of CN/J Viraxo Designs [2x]

Destroy 100% of CN/J Viraxo Designs [2x]

Inspect 100% of MOB Viraxo Technologies

Destroy 100%of MOB Viraxo Technologies

Destroy VSD Condemnation

Inspect CNVYR
Viraxo Freight [2x]

All Destroyed [2x]

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