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  X-Wing Alliance: FAQ

Q: How do I access my mail? All I get is some scores screen.

A: You should notice a series of buttons at the bottom of the screen. Most of them relate to scores, but one of them brings up your email system. Hold your mouse over each button to see what it leads to.

Q: How do I reload my torpedoes?

A: Simply return to your capital ship or base. Head for the docks and press spacebar when asked. This will take you into the hangar. If your mission is still ongoing, you will be given the option to reload warheads, change craft (some missions only) and return to battle.

Q: How do I skip a mission?

A: Fail a mission so that you return to the briefing area. Instead of a briefing, you should get a message with some hints on winning. However, you can take a leave of absence by clicking on the upside down helmet button. Be careful - you only have so many opportunities to use it.

Q: I can't beat this mission because a capital ship spontaneously explodes. There are no enemy craft in the area when it happens. What do I do?

A: The solution that works most often is to copy the X-Wing Alliance mission file over from the CD. Sometimes odd errors work their way into the mission files. If that doesn't work, uninstall X-Wing Alliance (you can choose for the savegame pilots to stay), and then reinstall it.

Q: I'm having a hard time remembering how to do all the wingmen flight commands. Can you help?

A: The interface is complicated, but the hardest part about it is opening it! Hit TAB at any time to bring it up on your active MFD.

Q: How do I destroy an ETR?

A: Approach at full speed, fire a pair of warheads, and then veer slightly away from it. Go past the ETR, turn around, and match speed when you are .5km or less from the engines. Fire pairs of warheads the moment after it fires its rear-turbolaser. Switch to lasers and fire constantly afterwards.

Q: I've docked with the <?????> base. Why isn't <????> returning to my ship?

A: You have to be careful with docking mode. If you look at your map, for example, dock will be disengaged. You can always check to see if you are docked by switching to the cockpit and trying to steer your ship. If you can't, you're fine. If you can, hit the dock command again.

Q: I'm stuck in the Death Star. Where do I go?

A: When you enter the large area with the turbolaser, you should see a somewhat garbled landmark behind it, depending on your resolution. This is actually another pipe tunnel to enter.

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