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  X-Wing Alliance: Weapons Help


Cycle between [laser] cannons, ion cannons, and warhead launchers.


Toggle Fire Linking for primary weapon, then multiple weapons


Toggle Laser Nexus between approach [recticle] and straight


Toggle Beam Weapon


Fire countermeasure. Dull beeping sound will signify use

ALT+2 or
Joystick 1

Fire current weapon


Cycle Beam recharge settings between maximum, advanced, [balanced], slow drain, and maximum drain


Cycle Weapon recharge settings between maximum, advanced, [balanced], slow drain, and maximum drain.

or ;

Transfer shield energy to weapons


Cycle between turret and cockpit areas on corellian transports


Cycle between defensive fire and target-fire mode while in cockpit


Cycle between concentric and straightforward firing modes

Energy Weapon Systems:

The primary weapons of any starfighter or starship are energy weapons. There are three distinct types, listed below:

Laser Cannons: Intense energy burst. It can damage shields and hull, in that order. Depending on the firing mechanism, the laser can appear either as green (imperial craft) or red (rebel craft).

Ion Cannon - Ion pulse beam It can damage shields and disable electronics. Visually, it is shown as a blue-white laser. Ships lacking shield systems are in most cases destroyed by the electrical shutdown resulting from ion cannon fire.

Turbo Laser - Extended version of the laser cannon system. By using an energy feed several times higher than normal lasers, it strikes for more damage and can reach for longer distances (up to 3km for Super Star Destroyers). The high energy feed requires a capital starship to operate.

Lasers and Ion cannons also have a secondary function on many starfighters - they can be fire-linked. By using the X button, you can fire multiple lasers simultaneously. Hitting the button again will allow you to fire lasers and ion cannons simultaneously as well. Fire linking results in a slower firing rate, but tends to damage more than a volley of laser blasts.

On X-Wing starfighters, you can also adjust Gun Harmonization. By default, the wing-mounted laser cannons fire towards the vanishing point (the small dot on your crosshairs). By using the Z key, you can switch to straightforward mode, which gives you a wider firing area and generally assures the lasers of never meeting up.


Warhead Weapon Systems:

Warheads are the heavy ordinance of the Star Wars universe. Because they are engine propelled, they are infinitely slower than energy weapons, but provide much more damage thanks to the payload. They also have onboard guidance systems to home in on enemy ships. They are listed below:

Concussion Missile: Fast warhead with small payload. Appears as a small red-orange weapon with an energy trail.

Proton Torpedo: Stronger than the concussion missile, but slower - it also has a more advanced explosion system which allows it to continue in the event of slight collisions. These appear as long blue projectiles with energy trails.

Advanced Concussion: More expensive electronics and compact payload make this weapon more devastating than a proton torpedo, with the same speed as typical concussion missiles. These weapons are slightly longer and have a sharper tip than the normal concussion type.

Advanced Proton: The same advancements in electronics and payloads provide the proton torpedo a powerful, but expensive boost. Speed still lacks, however. These appear virtually the same as normal proton torpedoes.

Magnetic Pulse: These warheads carry no payload - instead, they hold a magnetic transmission system that scrambles weapons computers and dumps weapons energy. The pulse also disables weapons systems for up to 30 seconds. They appear as purple-hued warheads.

Ion Pulse: Using ion cannon technology, these warheads ignite a large cascading ion pulse upon collision. The burst is enough to severly damage shields or disable a vessel.

Heavy Warhead: Extremely large payload delivers huge damage to starships. Although it has onboard propulsion, it is extremely slow. These weapons appear as yellow-colored warheads with large energy trails.

Space Bomb: The largest payload class weapon available uses small onboard thrusters to triangulate a target's location and slowly approach. The extreme size makes carrying these weapons difficult for most ships. They typically appear as orange-hued projectiles.

Advanced Mag Pulse & Cluster Bombs: Classified weapons which are currently disabled in the X-Wing Alliance engine.

To keep latency low and stop an overflow of objects in any given system, your ship can have 12 warheads present at any given time. You will be unable to launch any more until at least one of those 12 has been destroyed. This is applicable to the Missile Boat in particular, which holds up to 80 warheads.

In order for warheads to lock on to a target, you must select the target in your CMD and keep it in your crosshairs until the symbol goes red. When you are attempting to lock on, a series of beeps will be heard, and when a lock is successful, a long continuous beep is heard. If you lose your lock before firing, it can be instantaneously regained by quickly getting the target back in your crosshairs.

To reload torpedoes, simply enter the hangar of your starship like you do following any mission. If the mission is still ongoing, you will be able to reload, and launch from the hangar again. Time is stopped inside the hangar. You usually will need to jump back to an alliance sector to find your capital ship in these instances.

Dumb-firing is a common technique for taking on slow moving capital ships. Simply make sure you do not have the ship in your CMD, and fire at it. The warheads will launch in a straight line and explode when they hit the vessel. This is most effective when you raid ship docks or need to avoid turbolasers.

Finally, try to be strategic when you fire warheads. In many cases, launching a second pair of warheads immediately after the first is futile - the explosions caused by the first pair destroy the second pair. Also, your warheads will only follow the closest path to the target - they will not make turns.


Countermeasure Systems:

In order to combat other enemy starfighters, many ships are equipped with countermeasure systems. Their usefulness is primarily in stopping enemy warheads, but they also have secondary characteristics, as shown below:

Chaff Particles: A blanket of dense, electomagnetically disrupting particles which is emitted from the rear. Warheads entering a chaff area will trigger their detonation systems and explode. Chaff also protects your craft from warhead locks and beam system locks (unless multiple beams are concentrated on you).

Flare Warhead: An extremely fast, rear firing warhead with automatic guidance systems. When fired, they will automatically home in on the nearest warhead. If no warhead exists, flares will attempt to strike the nearest enemy target, making them a great backup to typical warheads.


Beam Weapon Systems:

Thanks to the rogue Admiral Zaarin, among others, the Empire devised a unique energy weapon, which was both modular and small enough to attach to the front of a vessel. These beam weapons provide several unique abilities in order to counteract enemy ships. In order to work, however, they must be activated with the B button and be in your crosshairs at a distance of 1.5km or less.

Tractor Beam: A streaming magnetic energy band which stops the target from exceeding your current speed. In the latter half of TIE Fighter, and throughout X-Wing Alliance, tractor beam strength was increased so that they also pulled the target towards your ship.

Decoy Beam: When activated, your ship will not appear on enemy radar, and thus cannot be targeted. This beam weapon emits a general signal, so it doesnt need to be aimed at craft in order to work.

Jamming Beam: A concentrated energy signature that can stop the targeted vessel from using energy weapons. Large vessels may need to be hit by multiple jamming beams at once in order to cease weapons function.

Beam weapons also operate off an energy system which is linked to the engines, but the energy cannot be transfered to lasers or shield systems. In order for beam weapons to function, they use a secondary power source, so disabling a beam system will result in a higher speed than a craft can normally attain.

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