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  X-Wing Alliance: Targeting Help

The targeting computer is one of the most important functions of starfighters. It allows you to see the vital statistics of other spacecraft, including shield and hull ratings, cargo, orientation, orders, components, and distance relating to your vessel. By selecting vessel components, you can launch warheads that will strike vital areas, such as the shield generators of Star Destroyers.



Combat Multiview Display (CMD)
Above - Weapons energy display


Left Multifunction Display (MFD)


Right Multifunction Display (MFD)


Forward Sensor System
Below - Shield/Hull Strength Indicator


Rear Sensor System
Below - Beam Weapon Strength (optional)


Speed Display in megalights (MGLT)
Below - Engine Thrust Percentage Display


Warheads available in Left/Right Tubes.
Icon describes warhead type.


Ship Identification
Below - Mission Clock
(Time remaining OR elapsed)


Targeting Sight system.

Combat Multiview Display (CMD)


Target nearest enemy starfighter.
(also joystick button 2)


Target nearest craft which is targeting your craft.


Cycle to next target on list.


Cycle to previous target on list.


Target newest craft to enter sector.


Target nearest incoming warhead.


Target nearest craft related to mission objectives.


Switch to target which is attacking ship displayed on CMD.


Target nearest player craft.


Cycle to next navigation buoy.


Cycle to next friendly craft.


Cycle to previous friendly craft.


Cycle to next neutral craft.


Cycle to previous neutral craft.


Cycle to next enemy craft.


Cycle to previous enemy craft.


Save target as preset 1.


Save target as preset 2.


Save target as preset 3.


Select preset 1.


Select preset 2.


Select preset 3.


Cycle to next component of target craft.


Cycle to previous component of target craft.

Alt + 1

Target craft in recticle.

Alt + C

Clear CMD.


Toggle CMD panel.

The CMD targeting display shows you a tactical readout of any ship you have currently targeted. It details the following (depending on your distance to the craft)

Ship ID

Name and ship type.


Current goal of craft.


Displays Shield Strength from 0% to 200%. When shields are lost, you can affect the Hull integrity of the ship.


Displays Hull Integrity from 0% to 100%. When Integrity reaches 0%, the ship is destroyed. Magnetic and Ion systems cannot reduce hull integrity. TIE based ships may explode due to severe electrical surges, however. Damaged craft may lose MFD, CMD, Sensor, or Energy systems displays if the Hull integrity falls far enough. These displays can only be repaired by returning to the hangar bay of your commanding starship.


Displays total Systems Integrity from 0% to 100%. Every time this number decreases, an onboard system is disabled. Systems can only be affected my magnetic pulse (disables lasers) and ion pulse weapons (all systems).


Displays distance from your craft in kilometers.


Displays contents of craft's cargo bay. Friendly craft usually emit a Ship ID containing cargo information, while neutral and enemy craft do not. You need to inspect a craft to reveal their contents (target ship and close to within 0.25km or better).


Focuses on specific component of targeted ship. This can include engines, shield generators, or even warhead launchers. Component is usually hilighted with a yellow box.

Multi-Function Displays (MFD)

By default, your craft has two MFDs - one for the left and right. Although they default to the message log and mission objectives, you can switch between those and other display systems. To switch between displays, use the appropriate toggle button (Delete for the Left, Page Down for the right), followed by the left or right arrow keys.

  • Message Log
  • Mission Objectives
  • Damage Assessment
  • Friendly Craft
  • Enemy Craft
  • Flight Commands
  • Hangar commands (only for hangar bay)

Message Log MFD:

This MFD keeps a list of all radio messages during your mission. It also keeps a record of when starfighters (good or bad) enter the system. By using the up/down arrow keys, you can scroll through messages if they exceed the window size.

Mission Objectives MFD:

This keeps track of your current mission, current score, and mission objectives. Completed objectives are displayed in green, incomplete objectives are displayed in yellow, and failed objectives are displayed in red. Successful bonus objectives are shown only when completed, using green.

Friendy Craft, Enemy Craft MFDs:

This displays a list of craft, using their Ship IDs, Shield/Hull strength, and current targets. This is very handy to check on if you feel a ship is chasing you.

Flight Commands:

Depending on your rank, you can access a variety of commands for yourself and your wingmen through this display. The default screen lists your wingmen and yourself with numbers. Press 1, and you will see a command list for the ship next to 1, and so on.

Note: Until you become a wing leader, you will usually be restricted to only a short selection of commands. You can use the Tab button to access this menu automatically.


Wingmen Commands:

Tactical Commands

Attack My Target:

Orders all wingmen who are currently not on the wrong end of a dogfight to move in and attack the target in your CMD.

Attack Target Component:

Orders all wingmen to attack a specific component on the craft you have targeted in the CMD (Use this for Shield Generators).

Attack Target Type:

Orders all wingmen to attack the same type of starfighter or starship as the one in your CMD. (Handy for taking out wings of Bombers)

Disable Target:

Orders all wingmen to switch to ion cannons or ion pulse warheads and disable the craft you have targeted in the CMD.

Inspect Target Type:

Orders all available wingmen to search out and inspect all ships that are the same type as the one in your CMD.

Wait for Orders:
(Shift + W)  

Orders wingman targeted in CMD to shut down engines cease fire and wait for further instructions. They are totally defenseless in the state so be careful.

Proceed with Mission:
(Shift + G)  

Orders targeted wingman who is waiting for orders to resume prior objectives and continue.


Defensive Commands:

Defend my target:

Orders all wingmen to attack any craft which is aiming for the target in your CMD.

Watch my six:
(Shift + C)  

Orders all available wingmen to follow your craft and engage any fighters which might attack you.

Help me out:

Orders all available wingmen to destroy craft which are currently attacking you. This is different from #2 in that your wingman stays focused on the target.

Evasive Maneveurs:
(Shift + E)  

Orders wingman displayed in your CMD to immediately disengage and use techniques to avoid enemy fire.

Commands not listed:

  • Shift+I: Ignore my target
  • Shift+B: Board to reload
  • Shift+H: Head home

Formation Commands:

Rejoin Formation:

Orders selected wingman to disengage and join your ship formation using the default or last selected formation type.

Line Abreast:

Orders wingmen to assume a straight horizontal line formation.

Line Up:

Orders wingmen to assume a straight vertical line formation.


Orders wingmen to assemble into a V-shape formation.

Finger Four:

Orders wingmen to assemble into a diagonal line formation.


Orders wingmen to assemble into a star-like formation where each ship is a point of the star and the wing leader is the center.

Tighten Formation:

Orders all wingmen to assume a smaller formation.

Loosen Formation:

Orders all wingmen to assume a larger formation.

Status Commands:

Report in: Tells selected craft to tell you its current objective.

Player Commands (your ship):

Dock with target:
(Shift + D)  

Executes the docking sequence. Must be within 1km of target.

Pick up target:
(Shift + P)  

Use clamps to retrieve object and carry it with you.

Release object:
(Shift + R)  

Use clamps to release currently carried object.

Gunner Autofire:
(F key)  

Engages autofire for your gun turrets (only for correlian ships).
First activation targets craft in your CMD. Second activation switches to defend-fire mode.

(F key)  

Engages autopilot from your gun turrets

Damage Assessment MFD:

When a craft is struck by a magnetic or ion pulse weapon, an onboard system can be disabled. These systems include:

  • Weapons (no lasers or ion cannons, but retain charge)
  • Warhead Launchers (no warhead launching)
  • Communications (cannot order or recieve messages)
  • Targeting (CMD is disabled)
  • Shields (shields are disabled, but retain charge)
  • Controls (unable to steer ship)
  • Engines (craft slows to a halt)
  • Ejection System (unable to escape craft)

Disabled systems are cleared of ion-charges and rebooted by the onboard system computer and repair chipset. This takes a certain amount of time, however, and energy held by those systems cannot be accessed. If multiple systems are affected, you can prioritize repairs by switching to the MFD, selecting the system of most concern, and hitting the spacebar.

Magnetic Pulse weapons work differently - instead of effecting all systems, they effect the weapons energy storage system. When they reach their target, all laser/ion energy is immediately dumped, and the weapons systems are disabled for up to 30 seconds. The effect is cumulative, and can work on all starships and cruisers. Its effect does not depend on the shield systems.

If a craft reaches 0% systems, it has a complete electrical failure and is dead in space.

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