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  X-Wing Alliance: Camera Help

Keypad 2

Look down in cockpit

Keypad 4

Look left in cockpit

Keypad 5

Center view

Keypad 6

Look right in cockpit

Keypad 8

Look up in cockpit

Joystick Hat Switch - Move viewpoint in cockpit.


Engage Padlock mode. Switches point of view to current target.

Keypad /

Switch to external camera viewpoint. Hit Keypad * to switch to free external camera mode.

Joystick Button #1

Zoom in while in external camera

Joystick Button #2

Zoom out while in external camera mode


Pans around ship.


External camera follows warhead.


External camera follows CMD target


Flyby Camera

Scroll Lock

Allows you to move cockpit view with mouse

Alt+ .

Switch to Simple HUD (authentic SW mode)

Ctrl + End

Toggle HUD on/off

Page Up

Toggle Rear Sensor on/off


Toggle middle MFD panel


Toggle Forward Sensor/ Shield indicator

Page Down

Toggle/Hilight Right MFD


Toggle/Hilight Left MFD

Padlock mode is rather unique - it moves the point of reference from your targeting recticle to the ship in your CMD. In laymans terms, this mode keeps your view focused on target, even if the ship is behind you. Its a great mode for targeting ships, but has a steep learning curve.

I highly recommend the use of Simple HUD for replaying missions. By freeing up the screen space, you get a much more authentic Star Wars experience, and the various cruisers feel all the more bigger. While in Simple HUD, targeted craft have a rectangular cross-hair around them - clockwise from the top left, the stats are hull, systems, cargo, and shields.

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