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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Prologue - Mission 7
Nowhere to Go? Escape Imperial Attack
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide

Score: 2289

Bonus: 0

Your Family needs you to help gather supplies before escaping from Imperial authorities.



Head to the first area, and quickly grab the container (use "o" if need be). Head straight out of the hold for about 5 seconds and use (shift+r) to drop the container. Switch guns to defend and get ready for the imperial fighters.

The TIEs are pretty annoying, but the bombers are your main target since they try to get a missile lock on you. Use defend mode or chaff to stop the missiles and then switch to auto-fire to take them out. The TIEs should go quickly after that.

Make sure to head for the CRV before hitting the Viraxo - with auto-fire and some ion blasts it should go down quickly. The Viraxo usually head for home now - pick em off easily and then dump lasers to grab the container again.

Eventually (it may not happen until the 12-14:00 mark) Aeron will be finished. Head for the hyperspace point.

Again, drop the cargo and head for the viraxo. When they are defeated, grab the container again and get up to full speed - with all energy dumped to engines you should make the rebel buoy well before the imperial squadrons reach your position.

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Playable Craft Stats:

YT-2000 Otana



 Mission Status

YT-1300 Sabra

M/AT Big Score

FRS Andrasta

Bonus Objectives



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