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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Prologue - Mission 4
Sticking it to the Viraxo: Covert Delivery
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide

Score: 865

Bonus: 900

Aeron and Emon need your help to cover up a trap against the Viraxo using the Spice you ships obtained last time.



This can be a tricky mission sometimes. Head straight for the oncoming batch of Razor Fighters. When you have destroyed those and the second patrol of two ships, head for the PES Enkidu and take it out.

Now make a run for whichever VCF is closest to the base - usually CF VCF 085. Link your turret and destroy the rear-engine object, and then return to helping Emon destroy Viraxo fighters. When the Squadron is destroyed, quickly head back out and destroy the engine for CT/2 VCF 098.

While Emon picks up Aeron, destroy the front (pilot) sections for CF and CT/2 to pick up an additional 300 points - the containers don't need to be destroyed and are worth little.

Head back towards the Venix and destroy it after Aeron is picked up. You will actually get bonus points - so don't worry about the message regarding lost points.

Try to make it back before 8:00 or a squad of T/Fs will come looking for you along with a VSD2.

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Playable Craft Stats:

YT-1300 Sabra



 Mission Status

CORT Venix

FRS Andrasta

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

(100) Destroy
PES Enkidu

(300) Destroy 100% of Stavro squadron

(~80) Destroy
CORT Venix

(100) Destroy 100% of CF VCF 085

(100) Destroy 100% of CT/2 VCF 098


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