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  X-Wing Alliance - Strategy Guide

Prologue - Mission 2
Emon's Lesson:
X-Wing Alliance Strategy Guide

Score: 1917

Bonus: 50

Emon takes you out for some turret gunnery practice after the fiasco in the last mission.



Pretty straightforward.  Gun the targets as fast as you can, so Emon doesn't get the points.  Eventually, the three of you will hyper over to Denari's casino and meet up with some Viraxo scum.

Unfortunately, since Emkay controls the ship, you will have to use 'R' in order to target craft to fire at.  It may be possible to inspect Boba Fett's unique Slave One, but I have yet to succeed.

There are a few things to be aware of in this mission:

  • Reflying with different corellian ships (such as the Millennium Falcon) will result in Emkay not bothering to jump to hyperspace.  If you don't use the YT-1300 (don't try to speed up by dumping beam weapon energy either), you cant finish the mission.
  • Some players have had problems finishing the mission when reaching Dunari's Casino.  If you have the same problem, take a few potshots at the Viraxo fighters and then leave them alone.

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Playable Craft Stats:

YT-1300 Sabra



 Mission Status

FRS Andrasta

No Reinforcements

Bonus Objectives

(50) Points
per destroyed ship


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