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Tour of Duty 9: Payment Due

Mission 1: "As Lightning Fall"


  • Nebula


  • Lambda 1


  • Rescue Commander Snipes
  • Find the Grall

An interesting mission, to say the least. You need to follow a series of eight-nav buoys, but you can only see one at any given time thanks to sensor interference.

The trick is that whenever you run just past a buoy, a jittery gray dot should show up on your LIDAR pointing you to the next one. It's pretty certain when you find a new one because inevitably you will have to deal with a wing of Shivan fighters. They go down really easy though - just pick one, match speed, and fire away. Your guns will rip them apart like butter.

Try to make sure you have dealt with all Shivan fighters on LIDAR before reaching the eighth buoy. When you reach it, your sensors will pick up the Grall and a wing of Nahema bombers attacking it. Order a strike on the wing, and start looking for bombs!

When the first group is destroyed, call in Lambda 1 to evacuate the people onboard the Grall. Continue the fighter cover, as more bombers should arrive.

Aftermath: Snipes explains that his information was the only reason for the evac - his life was worthless to the GTVA.

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