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Tour of Duty 8: Rearguard

Mission 3: "Argonautica"


  • Nebula


  • Defend GTD Aquitane until it can depart the nebula

In Game:

  • Order all fighters to defend Aquitane
  • Destroy Shivan fighters
  • Protect Argo when it arrives and docks (Primary 1/2)
  • Destroy Capricorn, Sagittarius groups (5 per, all bombers)
  • GTD Aquitane escapes (Primary 2/2)

The Aquitane is nearly disabled with a swarm of bombers in the midst. You need to buy the Aquitane enough time - 10 minutes or so - in order to repair their engines and make a hasty retreat. The GTVA is pulling all ships from the Nebula, so the Aquitane is dead otherwise.

Start off by attacking the nearest fighters to the Aquitane, with an order to all ships to defend the capital ship. Start finishing the Shivans off one by one. The idea is to narrow it down so only one wing of ships is in the area - that way you can give a single destroy order instead of protect orders.

When the Argo comes in for the repair work, make sure everybody is focused on protecting it. The Argo is much weaker than the Aquitane, and if it blows up, your mission is over.

The real hard part most of the time is fighting off Capricorn and Sagittarius wings near the end. Each wing has 5 fighters, and they tend to unload very quickly. Again, order the strike, and start shooting a missile or two to shake things up pretty badly. Most of the time it eliminates shields quadrants when the bombers get caught in their own blasts.


  • Transferred to 70th Blue Lions
  • Spec Ops assignment

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