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Tour of Duty 8: Rearguard

Mission 2: "Straight, No Chaser"


  • Nebula


  • Delta Wing


  • Intercept and capture Azrael transport carrying Bosch

In Game:

  • New Knossos portal found
  • Azrael transport missing, Bosch must have gone through.
  • Destroy Danaka
  • Destroy Scorpio, Libra wings
  • Destroy Sephiroth
  • Destroy Shivan fighter wings
  • Order all ships to converge on wing
  • Head for GVD Psamtik to fight off bombers
  • Protect GVD Psamtik
  • Destroy Taurus, Capricorn wings
  • GVD Psamtik destroyed

This time things take a turn for the worse in the new Shivan war and its all thanks to Admiral Bosch.

Surprisingly, the transport is missing right off the bat, and a new portal has been discovered. Unfortunately, the area is swarming with Shivans too. Start working on the cruisers in the area - the Danaka, and eventually, the Sephiroth, taking care to remove fighters on your break.

Eventually, the GVD Psamtik will come under fire from Nahema class bombers, and Command gives your cue to hike it back there and protect the Vasudan flagship. Only a minute or so into the fight, however, a new Sathanas signature is detected, and the GVD Psamtik is destroyed within 10 seconds.

As soon as Command orders the withdrawal, make sure you are out of the system. Between the heavy compliment of bombers and a fully armed Sathanas, you don't stand a chance.

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