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Tour of Duty 7: Vasudan Fighters

Mission 6: "High Noon"


  • Capella: Near Gamma Draconis Jump Node


  • Help the Colossus neutralize the SJ Sathanas

In Game:

  • Destroy final pair of beam turrets
  • Reload
  • Destroy fighter wings
  • Destroy SJ Sathanas defenses
  • Reload
  • Destroy fighter wings

No time to reload or switch ships - your briefing is during your jump to Capella.

Begin the mission just as you did with the previous one - focus attacking on the primary forward beam turrets of the SJ Sathanas. When they are both destroyed, split your attention between reloading and destroying enemy fighters.

When there are no more fighter wings in the area, order your wingmen to get out of the system, as they will undoubtedly die attacking the Sathanas. Your attention should then be focused on nailing additional beam cannons with Helios missiles.

Make sure to stay 1-1.5KM from the Sathanas when it explodes - the explosion goes on for quite some time and causes a few massive shock waves that could annihilate your fighter.

Cut-scene: Bosch's Final Log

  • Made successful communications with the Shivans
  • Bosch's crew will board a Shivan transport
  • Believes the fate of Humanity lies with an alliance with the Shivans, not Vasudans

Briefing: GVD Psamtik

  • Victory declared over the Shivan forces.
  • Several months needed to repair hull damage on the Colossus thanks to the Sathanas.
  • Evacuation of Capella continues until Shivans eradicated from Gamma Draconis.
  • GTVA Focus is on capturing Admiral Bosch.
  • ETAK project was a quantum pulse communications technology to talk with the Shivans.
  • ETAK = Etamnanki, tower inspiring story of Babel.
  • Knossos portal was where the Shivans and Ancients first encountered each other.
  • Bosch used NTF To cover up plunder of artifacts from Vasudan regions.
  • Originally envisioned an NTF/Shivan alliance.
  • GTW-19 Circe (shield leech gun) released.

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