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Tour of Duty 7: Vasudan Fighters

Mission 5: "Bear-baiting"


  • Gamma Draconis - Near Capella Jump Node


  • Neutralize SJ Sathanas primary forward Beam Cannon 1-4
  • Destroy Forward Flak Batteries

In Game:

  • Destroy Beam Cannon subsystem with 4x Helios warheads
  • Reload
  • Destroy second Beam Cannon subsystem with 4x Helios warheads
  • Destroy flak batteries with trebuchet missiles
  • Reload
  • Attack SD Demon until disabled
  • Destroy Shivan fighter wings
  • Destroy SD Demon
  • Reload

This mission is short, yet it's also the hardest mission in the game for many. Its nearly impossible to get all four of the cannons in the time allotted, so focus on two of them.

Start by selecting the beam cannon and ordering Alpha wing to attack that subsystem. Then, switch all gun energy off, switch to dual Helios warheads, and start your run. Fire your afterburners just before you launch the missile in order to give it an extra boost, and then bank away from the missiles when fired. Fly out to 1000m from the target, and then turn around and start your second run.

Try to call for a support ship before you need it, and then cancel the support. This will keep the ship in the system. When you run out of Helios warheads, rearm. Abort the rearming procedure when the 4 Helios bombs are onboard - trebuchet missiles are much weaker and take longer to reload.

After destroying the first two, you have a choice - take out a 3rd beam cannon or the flak guns. I prefer to take out the flak - this keeps the Sathanas from being a major threat to your wingmen in the next mission. When Command warns that the Sathanas is jumping out, put as much power as you can to engines and hit the afterburners - you don't want to collide with the fast moving mega-destroyer.

Use the quiet time to reload while the remaining Shivan fighters are being destroyed. Fairly soon, the SD Demon jumps in, and its not easy to take down. Launch Helios bombs at navigation and weapons systems, and then launch any further trebuchet missiles at the beam cannons. Power up your primary guns and get in close to finish any other beam cannons left over. When the ship is disabled, order all fighters to attack the waves of shivan fighters instead. Make sure to reload after the mission is done - you won't have time for changes when you return to Capella.

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