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Tour of Duty 7: Vasudan Fighters

Mission 4: "A Flaming Sword"


  • Gamma Draconis, near Knossos Portal

Ship Setup:

  • GVF Tauret


  • 1x Mehku HL-7
  • 1x Prometheus S


  • 25x Rockeyes
  • 80x Tornado


  • Monitor Knossos Demolition
  • Eliminate all hostile targets
  • Keep Shivans away from meson bomb
  • Protect the Renenet


  • Theta

In Game:

  • Engage Shivan wings
  • Lure to Renenet
  • Stay 3KM from Bombs
  • Successful detonation (Primary 1/4)
  • Successful secondary detonation (Primary 2/4)
  • Destroy all Shivan wings (Primary 3/4)
  • Protect bombs (Primary 4/4)

Interesting turn of events - because the Sathanas skipped the group of warships, GTVA command has decided to collapse the portal.

Start by ordering your wingmen to fly on your sides and then head to the Shivans and fire at 800m-1000m. Then, turn away, head for the Renenet, and re-order your wingmen to stay on your wing. When the Renenet starts firing, this is your opportunity to order all fighters to engage the scattered Shivan groups.

Continue to lure ships, the Lambda 1 will put the first bomb into position. Target the meson bomb, order all fighters to stay on your wing, and then keep at least 3km distance to survive the blast. The process is exactly the same for the second, successful meson bomb blast.

However, just as Command celebrates the collapse of the portal, the SVD Sathanas jumps in! It turns out the portal only stabilized the jump node, and now it could be active for hundreds of years! The mission ends here - jump out.

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