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Tour of Duty 7: Vasudan Fighters

Mission 3: "Speaking in Tongues"


  • Nebula

Ship Setup:

  • GVF Serapis


  • 1x Maximum
  • 1x Mehku


  • 60x GTM-4 Hornets
  • 15 Tag-B


  • Sigma, Delta


  • Destroy all Shivan Warships

In Game:

  • Destroy Shivan Fighters
  • Attack Rephaim
  • Rephaim sends transmission to NTF Iceni, intercepted by GTVA
  • GTVA orders strike on Rephaim, all fighters to ignore Iceni
  • Destroy Thaumiel
  • Destroy Virgo, Taurus Wings
  • Destroy Golab (Primary 1/1)

Your mission is to destroy enough cruisers to lure the Sathanas into the system. This is actually fairly easy considering the weak hull of the capital ships.

Focus on the flight groups first, and then attack the Rephaim. You should then find out it is sending a transmission to the NTF Iceni, and Command will quickly tap into the conversation. After the data is transferred, Command will order a strike on the Rephaim, and for all fighters to ignore the Iceni. Something weird is going on... but what?

When the Thaumiel arrives, you will probably want to call in Delta group. After that, it's purely a matter of working on the capital ships followed by the fighter escorts.

Briefing: GVD Psamtik

  • Sathanas heading for GTVA Space, not for the Nebula
  • Knossos Portal to be destroyed
  • Meson bomb to be deployed in destruction of portal
  • GTVA is evacuating 250 million people from the Capella system

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