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Tour of Duty 7: Vasudan Fighters

Mission 2: "A Monster in the Midst"


  • Nebula

Ship Setup:

  • GVD Ptah Stealth Fighter


  • GTW Akheton SDG (leech gun)


  • 5x Rockeye
  • 10x Hornet (swarm)


  • Scan Nav, Comm, Weapons, and Sensors

In Game:

  • Scan Navigation components (Primary 1/1)
  • Destroy Beam Turrets

This mission is incredibly easy if you play it cool. Reduce gun energy to zero, target navigation, and head to scanning range. Components will be scanned automatically when you get to 150m, but you need 5 seconds to complete it. This is where throttle control is crucial. When you are within scanning range set throttle to around 10 in order to keep pace with the Sathanas. Players with throttle options will find it much easier to keep pace this way. As long as you make the scans in either your first or second pass, the mission is a breeze.

Command offers a purely optional choice however - destroy Sathanas Beam turrets to determine their strength. You can do this no problem - restore weapons strength, target a beam cannon (k) and then keep pace with the Sathanas using throttle control. Occasionally a beam will find and hit you, but damage is not heavy providing you are at an angle to the beam gun and/or are not at close range. Either way, the Sathanas jumps out within a few minutes.

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