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Tour of Duty 6: Bombers

Mission 1: "The King's Gambit"


  • Capella Node


  • Intercept and destroy all NTF warships

In Game:

  • Destroy NTD Uhuru
  • Destroy NTC Pax
  • Destroy NTC Liberty
  • Destroy NTF Fighters
  • Destroy NTC Undaunted
  • Destroy NTC Distinguished
  • Destroy NTD Inspiration
  • Destroy NTC Perseverance

A hectic mission, but a fun one - where else do you get to see the destruction of eight warships? Unfortunately, the NTF Iceni have already jumped to Gamma Draconis, so this is NTF cleanup.

As soon as the mission begins, switch your secondary weapon to dual fire Cyclops torpedoes. You have to get an aspect lock to fire, but it also helps if you get to close distance and fire your afterburners when you do. This will accelerate the Cyclops missiles and insure they hit their target.

Launch no more than two missiles at a cruiser. When those are fired, attack with primary weapons. Make sure that you order all fighters (command 3) to attack a given warship. Combined with the beam platforms, this should make short work of enemy vessels.

When you empty your first secondary weapons slot, immediately call for reloading. Turn your ship toward the reloading vessel, hit your afterburners, and set speed to zero when you reach 300 meters or so. A new warship will come in - order all ships to attack it. When your reload finishes, hit the afterburners again, switch to a Cyclops secondary weapon, focus your ship on the subsystem, and close in to less than 300m to fire. You should be able to nail the ship. However, if the cruiser is already at 30% hull or so, don't fire at all. The Beam Guns and other fighters should destroy it in time.

When the Perseverance goes down, the mission ends. You can finish off the remaining NTF fighters to improve your score, however.

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