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Tour of Duty 5: Combat Evaluation

Mission 3: "Proving Grounds"


  • Gamma Draconis Nebula


  • Weapons ineffective


  • Test the Pegasus Stealth Fighter

In Game:

  • Protect Oberon (Secondary 1/3)
  • Delta Group evacuates when Shivans arrive
  • Defend GTD Aquitane (Primary 1/1)
  • Destroy Moloch Class Tiamat (Secondary 2/3)
  • Destroy Shivan Fighters (Secondary 3/3)

An interesting mission, to say the least. Command has deployed a squadron of Pegasus class stealth fighters for a trial run. Each fighter has low weapon and shield systems, but is effectively invisible to targeting, and will not show up on lidar. Your guns are unable to damage the fighters, but you still need to defend the Oberon.

Start by ordering all fighters to protect the Oberon. Then, pick a member of delta team and begin following him. It helps to have a throttle control because it's hard to keep on his tail. Continue firing at the ship - this should force it to back off from attacking the Oberon. Your wingmen should do a mediocre job of fighting off the other members of Delta wing. As long as you continue firing, Delta will not attack.

Eventually, the ships will stop, reappear on targeting, and Command will begin the second phase. Unfortunately, the Shivans come to crash the party. Delta Wing docks with the Aquitane, and Command reactivates your weapons.

Keep an eye out for bombers (especially Nephilim class) but you will probably need to focus your attention on the Tiamat. Unless you are within sensor range (1000m is safe), the Aquitane will be unable to counterattack. Focus your attention on destroying Tiamat's beam cannons. When the six-minute time limit is up, both the Aquitane and Tiamat will depart, so you may want to focus all fighters on the cruiser when the Aquitane nears the waypoint.

Aftermath: Transferred to 64th Raptors - Bombers

Cut-scene: Bosch describes his motives

Briefing: Petrarch

  • Bosch outmaneuvered the Colossus and the NTF Iceni is en route to Knossos
  • GTVA needs to block the Capella Node to keep the NTF from occupying the Gamma Draconis area until the Colossus arrives
  • Last leg of the NTF, with no system holdings left
  • GTB Artemis bomber released
  • GTW Prometheus S Cannon released

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