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Tour of Duty 5: Combat Evaluation

Mission 2: "A Game of TAG"


  • Gamma Draconis Nebula


  • 40x TAG A Missiles
  • 2x Subach HL-7


  • Test the TAG System
  • Destroy all Shivan Fighters (Primary 3/3)
  • Protect the Warspite (Primary 1/3)
  • Protect the Lucidity (Primary 2/3)

In Game:

  • TAG Cancer group
  • TAG Scorpio Group (optional)
  • Destroy Virgo Wing
  • Destroy Libra wing
  • Destroy Leo Wing
  • Destroy Second Virgo Wave

This is a tough mission, no doubt about it. Command wants you to test out the new TAG missile, which plants a beacon on enemy ships. These beacons are then easily trackable by all weapon systems aboard capital ships. The problem is the TAG A missile has no guidance systems, so you have to be dead on with your timing to hit small Shivan fighters.

Use your speed matching to get behind Cancer group and deliver the goods. As long as you order your wingman to attack the group as a whole, you should have little difficulty in nailing the fighters. When you are done, continue with Scorpio group unless you need a reload.

Eventually, three more flight groups should pop in simultaneously. Command upgrades the mission status to hostile and orders immediate defense against any bomb-carrying ships (ie: Virgo). If you are within 3000m of the Warspite, use TAG missiles, but you can probably destroy most of the ships with dual fire primary weapons. It gets pretty hectic, so you'll need to order Iota wing, when it jumps in, to help out. Finishing the Shivans will finish the mission.

At some point, you will also get a distress call from another scout fighter. He exclaims that the GTVA should withdraw all forces from Gamma Draconis and destroy the Knossos Portal before its too late. Ominous, huh?

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