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Tour of Duty 4: Special Operations

Mission 3: "...But Hate the Traitor"


  • Classified


  • Destroy Targets of Opportunity

In Game:

  • Snipes reassigned
  • Wait for Alastor gun platforms to be destroyed
  • Destroy all NTF Fighters
  • Protect GTT Omega Civilian Transport
  • Destroy second wave of NTF Fighters - 4 wings + NTFC Saharan (Primary 1/1)
  • Reinforcements will come in from subspace to help out.

All in all, this is a pretty easy mission. Things begin suspiciously - your fighter comes in slightly behind the others and doesn't have the steam to take out targets unless you use the afterburners. Then, when a civilian transport arrives and pleads to leave under the Beta Aquilae convention, the flight leader asks you to destroy it. Don't wait for the fighters to turn to red signals - start taking them out now! As long as the signals are green, the fighters won't move, giving you a chance at fighting them all off.

The GTT Omega should be relatively okay - any further squadrons will be after you. Luckily, Command should find your signal and inform you of incoming reinforcements. The mission quickly turns into an old-fashioned shootout with 6 wings of fighters and two dueling cruisers. Work on the cruiser if you can to give the GTVA ship a shot at the various fighters. When the NTF forces are destroyed, the mission is complete.

End Mission Briefing:

  • End of GTVI campaign run
  • Commander Snipes considered MIA
  • Vital NTF Schematic data was hidden onboard your ship

Briefing: Admiral Petrarch

  • GTVA Colossus has secured the Epsilon Pegasi area, taking out several NTF capital ships.
  • Total allied victory over the NTF predicted in less than 30 days.
  • The Ancients before they created a Portal were wiped out 8000 years ago by the Shivans.
  • Portal named the "Knossos Device"
  • Intelligence has determined that Bosch located artifacts in Deneb that could reactivate Knossos.
  • Bosch sent the NTF Trinity to reactivate it.
  • The Reactivation lured the Shivans to the nebula.
  • GTW ML-70 Morning Star Energy Cannon released to GTVA.
  • EMP Missile released to GTVA.

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