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Tour of Duty 4: Special Operations

Mission 2: "Love the Treason..."


  • Classified


  • Escort the Sunder

In Game:

  • Pre-planted detonators activate, reduce all fighters (besides you and snipes) to 31% hull damage.
  • Destroy all NTF Fighters (except snipes' beta 1)
  • Protect NTF Sunder (Primary 1/2)
  • Destroy NTF Squadron called in as backups
  • GTVA Hamako (AWACS) and Erinyes (Classified) fighters called in as backup [99th Skulls Spec Ops Command]
  • Protect GTVA Hamako (Primary 2/2)
  • Destroy 3rd NTF Wave: Hercs, NTF Hellesport
  • GTT Argo arrives as decoy of Sunder
  • Wait for NTF to return

An interesting treason/recovery mission. Although you are supposed to be protecting the Sunder, the cargo onboard is so classified you can't even scan the contents. This is a target of opportunity Special Ops Command is not willing to give up, so things get hairy right away. All of your wingmen turn on you so start mopping up. Snipes should be Beta 1, so try to keep him in action.

Next, Snipes should inform you to act casual until his "friends" show up. These friends turn out to be the highly classified 99th Skulls Special Operations Command squadron along with a prototype AWACS ship, the Hamako. The Hamako jams all communications to the sector, along with extending sensor range to all friendly craft. At this point you should destroy any fighters attacking the Hamako. It's far more vulnerable than the Sunder.

The final wave of NTF Fighters should include 3 wings of Hercules Mark II fighters and the NTF Hellespont. Focus your attack on the cruiser, because its beam guns will try to make short work of your mission critical craft.

After the Argo and Sunder make the exchange, wait around. Special Operations Command will depart just before NTF Reinforcements arrive. Snipes will exclaim how secret NTF fighters blew them away, keeping you a firm member of the NTF. (Note: if Snipes is lost in the battle, it is not carried on and the conversation will proceed minus Snipes' comments).

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