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Tour of Duty 3: Interceptors

Mission 2: "Into the Maelstrom"


  • Epsilon Pegasi


  • Protect GTFr Paracombe, GTG Avila, and GVG Jodyun

In Game:

  • Destroy Medusa Bomber Groups
  • Destroy Rebel Sentry Guns (Secondary 1/2)
  • Destroy beam cannon of NTF Maelstrom (Secondary 2/2)
  • Warp out when ordered (Primary 1/3, 2/3, 3/3)

The Colossus needs re-supply to gear up for its campaign against the NTF; therefore you are stuck in an escort mission.

Your immediate goal at any time during the mission is to take out the NTF Medusa bomber wings. Whenever a new wave of ships comes in, check for Medusas, set their group to a function key, and order all fighters to attack it.

When the NTF Maelstrom arrives, quickly order another Medusa strike, and then head for the Maelstrom yourself. Switch Harpoons to double-fire, aim your ship slightly to the side of the cannon, and fire away. This should keep the energy beams aimed at you and away from the missiles. When the Beam Cannon is disabled, return to fight the Medusa's, and the Paracombe will rip apart the defenseless Maelstrom.

The Rebel Sentry guns objective should be your last priority. They pop up on occasion all the way to the Colossus, so deal with them only if there are no more targets.

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