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Tour of Duty 3: Interceptors

Mission 1: "The Sixth Wonder"


  • Epsilon Pegasi


  • Protect Enif Station
  • Protect Transports

In Game:

  • Destroy Aries Fighter Escort
  • Destroy NTF Cato
  • Destroy Zeus Bombers
  • Attack remaining cruiser until Colossus arrives

This mission looks pretty grim at the beginning. You have a swarm of Aries fighters to deal with, the NTF Cato is attacking the station, and another cruiser is on the way. But don't sweat it, and you'll do fine.

Focus on the fighters first, as they will try to take out the transports when they are not fighting you. If the coast is clear, focus your efforts on destroying the NTF Cato - Enif Station needs to hold out above 30% hull damage to survive, and is not equipped to counterattack.

The final leg of the mission is a clear-cut case of "Stop the Bombers". Set the Zeus group to a function key, assign your squadron to attack it, and then join the fray yourself. When Zeus goes down, and the final NTF vessel comes in, the GTVA will play their wildcard and reveal the Colossus! Suffice to say Enif Station survives and the NTF vessel is blown away.

Cut-scene: Colossus Promotional Video

  • 6KM long
  • 12 Beam Cannons
  • 20 Years to complete

Tour of Duty Three:
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