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Tour of Duty 2: Heavy Assault

Mission 4: "Slaying Ravana"


  • Nebula - Near Subspace Portal


  • Destroy SD Ravana!

Ship Reassignment:

  • GTB Boanerges Bomber


  • 1 Prometheus-R Cannon


  • 40x GTM-4 Hornets (aspect)
  • 7x2 Cyclops GTM-12 (aspect, anti-cruiser)

In Game:

  • Destroy Initial fighter wing
  • Concentrate on flak guns
  • Destroy SD Ravana (Primary 1/1)
  • Destroy all Shivan fighters (bonus?)

This mission is straightforward, but unless you take a specific strategy, it's one of the hardest missions in the game. Your bomber wings have been ordered to take out the Shivan capital ship, the SD Ravana, but the ship is not going down without a fight.

Order your fighters to attack the Ravana, and then focus yourself on the two incoming fighters. Switch back to the Ravana, aiming for the beam systems and navigation. Other systems tend to be more resistive to attack thanks to nearby flak guns.

For most players, by the time the Ravana reaches critical, a GTVA cruiser should be focusing its beam weapon on the vessel. Split your time between flak guns and fighter wings once you run out of Cyclops missiles, and you should make it out alive. I wouldn't recommend dealing with the additional waves of Shivan fighters that come in when Ravana goes critical. The Boanerges fighter is far too slow to handle them.

Aftermath: Transferred to Interceptor Squadron.

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