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Tour of Duty 2: Heavy Assault

Mission 3: "The Great Hunt"


  • Nebula - Near Subspace Portal


  • Protect Actium, Lysander cruisers.
  • Destroy Asuras, Iblis cruisers

In Game:

  • Destroy first two Shivan attack wings.
  • Destroy Asuras cruiser (Secondary 1/2).
  • Destroy seraphim bomber wing.
  • Destroy Rakshasa cruiser (Secondary 2/2).
  • Escape when ordered (Primary 1/2 and 2/2 failed) Destroy all hostiles.

The mission starts out fairly lax - set the two cruisers to presets, and stay on your current heading until the first two waves of Shivans enter the area. It quickly turns into a quick and dirty dogfight, so make sure to order your wing to attack the seraphim bombers when they enter (you'll hear a message from command about them). Seraphim bombers can destroy the cruisers fairly easily, so they need to be your primary target.

The Asuras is fairly weak, so your missiles should be enough to do critical damage while the cruisers use their beam cannons. The Rakshasa, however, is much bigger, so keep on the fighters while the Shivan vessel is double-teamed.

When the Rakshasa goes critical, look out for a subspace portal, and get ready to head out as soon as you have orders from Command. The SD Ravana, a capital ship, will warp in and fire its triple beam-cannon at one of your cruisers, quickly destroying it. Usually this gives the remaining cruiser enough time to destroy the Rakshasa. Get out the area as soon as the Rakshasa is destroyed, or you will have the full wrath of the SD Ravana on yourself. Command will accept the loss of the cruisers and prepare a strike team to take out the Shivan capital ship.

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