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Tour of Duty 2: Heavy Assault

Mission 2: "Mystery of the Trinity"


  • Nebula; Near Subspace Portal


  • Patrol Nebula with Zeta Wing.

In Game:

  • Destroy first two wings of Shivan fighters. (unrewarded)
  • Protect NTF Trinity and damage control vessel Discovery (Primary 2/2 failed)
  • Destroy first two flight groups attacking NTF Trinity
  • Destroy Cancer and Libra Shivan Fighter Wings (bonus?)

This is a tough mission that puts you under tight pressure. Follow Zeta 1 (they should already be assigned to F5 or F6, if not, use E) and prepare for dog-fighting when scrambled red signals show up on your radarscope.

Eventually you should come across a pink signal - this is the NTF Trinity, a recently defected cruiser that appears to be in dire straights. A GTVA strike team vessel (Discovery) should warp in to perform repairs and arrest the crew - your goal is to stop the incoming Shivan fighters.

Set the Trinity to a preset and order all fighters to protect the vessel. You should soon face two flight groups of aggravated Shivan forces - they aren't too tough as long as you use your missiles to blow them away quickly. Good Pilots can keep Trinity damage under 20%.

Unfortunately, the hard work is all for not as six cancer's and four Libra's warp in and immediately launch anti-cruiser missiles. If you destroyed the previous fighters successfully, you won't be penalized when the Trinity is destroyed - just warp out. The Discovery will be destroyed as a result of the Trinity explosion, and your scattered fighter wing will immediately jump out on standing orders. That leaves you and 9-10 fully armed, aspect-seeking, Shivan fighters. I recommend leaving.

Cut-scene: NTF Admiral Aken H. Bosch reviews data on subspace portal.

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