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Tour of Duty 2: Heavy Assault

Mission 1: "A Lion at the Door"


  • Gamma Draconis - Near Portal


  • Neutralize all hostiles.

In Game:

  • Destroy all hostiles
  • Destroy second wave of hostiles (Primary 1/1)

The first wave of fighters should be your primary target - they have missiles and aren't afraid to use them. After that, focus all of your efforts on eliminating all of the freighter class ships before they can jump through the portal. Ignore fighters unless They are really stuck to you. The second wave is a much more lethal combination, with unidentified Shivan bombers and a Cain Class warship (multiple laser cannons). Focus your efforts on the warship, firing as many missiles as you can volley at once (use dual fire). Try to fly aligned with the length of the cruiser when you hit the afterburner so you can avoid missile locks from the Cain's torpedo systems. When the Cain goes critical, focus your attentions on the bomber ships attacking the duo of the Carthage and Dahsor. The bombers are slow moving, double-legged ships and should go down with little effort.

Briefing: Admiral Petrarch

  • Portal being examined.
  • Believed to be multiple thousand years old, of unknown origin.
  • The Portal is not of Shivan Design.
  • Can be adapted to reopen collapsed jump nodes.
  • Hopeful a duplicate could re-establish communications at delta Serpentis to Earth after 32 years of silence.

Tour of Duty Two:
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Table of Contents - Tour of Duty:
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