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Tour of Duty: 10 Against all Odds

Mission 3: "Their Finest Hour"


  • Capella


  • Neutralize all fighters in field of engagement (Primary)
  • Destroy targets of opportunity (Secondary)

In Game:

  • Destroy Freighters: Mephisto, Asmodeus 1, Asmodeus 2
  • Juggernauts ignore GTVA deployment
  • Destroy both Scorpio wings
  • Destroy Cain cruiser "Demogorgon"
  • Destroy Cain cruiser "Baal"
  • Destroy Rakshasa cruiser "Orcus"
  • Destroy Ravana cruiser "Beast" with help of Colossus
  • Colossus sustains heavy (10%) damage from attack.
  • SJ Sathanas jumps into system and destroys Colossus before it can leave.

It starts out pretty easy - assign fighters to destroy enemy ships, and then focus yourself on the freighters. They drop like flies if you increase your weapon energy setting.

Continue to let the fighters do their thing while you engage the Demogorgon, Baal, and Orcus. You can destroy them all a lot faster than with the other cruisers by themselves.

When the Beast arrives, try to get close and work on destroying beam cannons. You can't do much damage to its hull, but the Colossus needs every advantage it can get.

After the Beast goes down, the Colossus complains to Command about hull damage. Just as they talk, another SJ Sathanas juggernaut jumps directly in front of the Colossus and activates its forward beam cannons. Unfortunately for the Colossus, the sheer power of the Sathanas proves too much. 30 thousand lives and 20 years of development go down the drain as the Colossus is destroyed.

Command orders everybody to leave, I suggest you do the same.

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