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Tour of Duty: 10 Against all Odds

Mission 2: "Dunkerque"


  • Capella


  • Provide fighter cover for 3rd Fleet Headquarters evacuation

In Game:

  • Destroy Aries wing
  • Protect Lambda 1 form enemy fire
  • Order Alpha wing to attack bombers, Delta wing to protect Lambda
  • Order joint strike on Aquarius
  • Protect Lambda 2 from incoming fighters

Things are looking pretty rough for the GTVA. Cruisers continue to pour in against the GTVA defense, and they only get the 70th Blue Lions as fighter cover.

Start by engaging hostiles - particularly any lingering bombers. Then, when Lambda 1 arrives, order everybody to defend it - it's much weaker than the HQ and can't take much damage.

A good strategy is to order Delta to protect Lambda 1 (or the HQ if Lambda 1 has left) and use Alpha wing to attack the bombers. This gives you a good mix of quick kills and bomb protection. You'll still need to blow away some bombs yourself, but this gives you better coverage for when you need to protect the shuttles from other fighter wings.

When Lambda 2 arrives, order the strike on Aquarius group and protect the shuttle yourself. A wing of fighters should be coming from the opposite direction of the bombers, so make them your priority. With dual Kayser guns they go down quickly.

Briefing: Petrarch

  • 100,000 casualties so far.
  • 80 juggernauts around Capella's star.
  • Strange subspace field coming from juggernauts is increasing.
  • GTVA to collapse epsilon Pegasi and Vega connections to Capella, sealing it off from the GTVA.

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