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Tour of Duty: 10 Against all Odds

Mission 1: "Exodus"


  • Epsilon Pegasi Node


  • Theta


  • Escort Lambda 1, 2 to jump node (Primary 1/2).
  • Protect Vesalius (Primary 2/2).
  • Destroy all hostiles (Secondary 1/2).
  • Protect Cargo ship Sulla (Secondary 2/2).

In Game:

  • Destroy Scorpio bomber wing.
  • Order convoy protection.
  • Destroy Shivan fighters.
  • Destroy Scorpio wing.
  • Order strike on bombers.
  • Bring in Theta group.
  • Destroy Gibborum.
  • Destroy Cancer group.

A tough fighter cover mission. As Command says, start off by destroying the Scorpio bomber wing. Then, assign all convoy ships to a single hotkey and order all ships to provide protection. This should give you the time to deal with any cruisers or fighters in the area.

When fighter wings come in, watch out for Scorpio, Cancer, or Virgo wings - they are killer bombers. Order wing strikes and then fire a single trebuchet missile at an incoming warhead. The anti-cruiser bomb should explode, heavily damaging the bombers and destroying any other missiles in the vicinity. The last time I played this mission, the explosion was enough to destroy a nearby Shivan cruiser. It's crucial to target bombs because the Shivans tend to fire them as soon as they enter the field of engagement.

When the Gibborum comes in, Command asks you to take out the beam guns. Instead, order all ships to protect the convoy, and then head for the Gibborum yourself. Since Alpha wing is pathetic, I suggest calling in Theta wing to protect the convoy. Since you have quite a few dumbfire missiles, turn your gun energy up one notch and then start raining everything you've got at the cruiser. It goes down pretty quickly.

From there, the mission is filled with highs and lows as it seems quiet for up to a minute, and then a wing of 5 bombers shows up. Be warned - if you see fighters coming from one direction, the bombers are coming from another. They keep on coming until your secondary objectives are complete, so expect to fight it out even after the first ship makes the jump.

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