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Tour of Duty: 10 Against all Odds

Finale Part 2: "Capella's End"


  • Capella


  • Protect Convoys
  • Prevent Warships from going to Vega


  • Everything carried over from previous mission

GTVA Vessels leaving system:

  • Duamutef
  • Hez-ur
  • Kebechet
  • Lemnos
  • Malta
  • Mihos
  • Nephthys
  • Ptah-nu
  • Sophron
  • Ennead
  • Sesmu
  • Resheph
  • Miranda
  • Zollner
  • Notus
  • Sydenham
  • Herophilus
  • Har-wer
  • Sparta
  • Io
  • Darwin

In Game:

  • Destroy Shivan fighters and bombers
  • Destroy Thanatos
  • Destroy Bane
  • Destroy Melchoir
  • Reach Vega with time to warp out

Things look pretty rough for the last of the ships evacuating from Capella. The Sathanas Juggernauts are still oddly orbiting the Capella Star, and wave after wave of Shivan fighters is attacking the GTVA fleet. Your goal is to defend the transports, but thankfully, you can really just do whatever you like - the objectives are malleable.

The best way to start is by focusing on the bombers so none of the transports are threatened. Then, turn your attention to the Thanatos. Your wingmen will actually do a pretty good job defending ships against the bombers, so at this point I would leave them to their own devices.

The Bane and Melchoir should be your focus after the Thanatos is destroyed. These two Cain class vessels are attempting to reach Vega - which is a big no-no. Power up your guns and fire at their beam cannons for best effect.

When the timer reaches 10:00, that's your cue to target the Vega node and go there will all available engine power. Command will inform all vessels that the Capella Star has gone supernova and any vessels not out of the system in 45 seconds will be completely obliterated.

Volition had the forethought to include two endings with the game - they vary only slightly, but since your career is saved before playing the last mission no matter which outcome you receive, its easy to get both endings.

The losing end is actually a bit more interesting because Volition put a lot of thought into those last 45 seconds. You can watch the Capella star expand like it would in a real supernova, and hear the incoming explosion just before you are blown away by the initial shock wave.

Either way, you get the same ending cut-scene. Enjoy - it's probably the most impressive one on the PC.

Ending 1:

Pilot escapes Capella Supernova. Try to jump out with 10 seconds of notification. Some Gamers experience problems if they jump out with 30 seconds or less remaining. Captain Petrarch will honor those lost, explain the beginning of the construction of a Knossos portal to reactivate the Delta Serpentis node, and give his own thoughts on what the Shivans might have been doing with the Capella star.

Ending 2:

Pilot is destroyed in Capella Supernova. Petrarch will explain the loss to the remaining members of the 70th Blue Lions, and explain the beginning of the construction of a Knossos portal to reactivate the Delta Serpentis node.

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